Extra 3.1 – The Star Around The Sun

“Song Yanyan’s SunHan ABO Fanfiction”

When Han Bohan woke up, he discovered that his hands and feet were bound. Someone had also blindfolded his eyes, so when he opened them, he couldn’t see a thing. Silence and darkness reigned his surroundings; it was unusually quiet. He couldn’t tell where he was, either. There was no sound of chatter, and no sound of car engines. After a long time, he only heard a dog barking in the distance.

He raised his head. Moving was difficult, so it took a lot of struggle. He calmly probed, “Is anyone there?”

No one answered him. 

Han Bohan’s nose detected a scent in the air, possibly a lemony scent with a hint of lotus leaf. He gave a start, and an unexpected shiver racked his body; he realised that it was the scent of Alpha pheromones. 

The scent was subtle, at first. As minutes passed, it became increasingly dense, enveloping Han Bohan’s surroundings and causing fine beads of sweat to form on his brow. His shuddering became more intense.

Because the pheromone scent was so strong, the Alpha had to be nearby. He endured the throbbing in his body, and called out, “Who is it? Is that you, Sun Yao?”

Sun Yao was a new suspect he had just indicted. The alpha’s young daughter had been pushed down the stairs after a failed rape attempt and was now in a vegetative state, so in retaliation, he killed the person who had attempted to kill his daughter. At present, his case had just entered the prosecution stage, but the detention centre relayed news that Sun Yao had escaped while he was receiving medical treatment at the hospital. 

Han Bohan cooperated with the police. They had already chased Sun Yao throughout the city while also waiting to ambush him near the hospital where his daughter was being treated. They believed that no matter what Sun Yao’s plans were, he would never abandon his daughter. 

As for Han Bohan, if Sun Yao were unable to make an appearance in the near future, he would have to ask the police to drop the case within the time limit for examination and prosecution. Han Bohan would be able to continue prosecuting only if Sun Yao was apprehended again. 

Han Bohan had worked overtime that day, and it was nearly 8 p.m. when he left the prosecutor’s office. He hadn’t had dinner yet, so he planned to buy a bento at a roadside convenience store. It just so happened that on-street parking was prohibited, so he had no choice but to park his car in a remote alley with no surveillance a short distance away from the store. He went to the convenience store on foot and walked back to where he parked his car after buying the bento, and just as he entered the alley, someone hit him on the head, and he blacked out. 

When Han Bohan came to, the situation had evolved to its current state. 

The fact that his hands and feet were bound did not frighten him in the least. What terrified him the most were the alarmingly strong Alpha pheromones, which were so potent that he had trouble breathing.

Han Bohan breathed through his mouth involuntarily. After that, he heard some movement nearby—the sound of slowly approaching footsteps that came to a halt right in front of him. Then a deep, masculine voice rang out, “Omega?”

That’s right. He was an Omega.

With long-lasting, side-effect-free suppressants and blockers widely available in modern society, even Omegas wouldn’t face so many inconveniences in their work and daily life. One could even become a capable prosecutor like Han Bohan, who confronted a wide range of Alpha and Beta criminal suspects. The suppressants inhibit one’s heat and pheromone secretion, whereas blockers block the effects of an Alpha’s pheromone on the body. Although suppressant and blocker injections weren’t compulsory, an unmarried Alpha and Omega would generally opt to inject themselves for ease of work. On the other hand, suppressant injections were mandatory for a specific group of people, namely prisoners in detention centres and jails—particularly Alphas—in order to prevent them from using their powerful pheromones as a weapon to exert control over judicial authorities, staff members, and other prisoners. They would be injected with a suppressant at the time of arrest, but they were generally short-acting, lasting only the duration of a trial, from the court ruling to the transfer from detention centre to prison. They would then once again be injected with a long-term suppressant based on the length of their prison sentence. 

Because Han Bohan was both single and a working man, he always chose to inject himself with long-term suppressants and blockers. However, as luck would have it, the effectiveness of both drugs on his body had begun to wane that month. He had originally planned to go to the hospital to get another injection as soon as possible, but before he could do so, he was kidnapped by an Alpha. 

The pheromones were such a suffocating presence that Han Bohan couldn’t tell whether the voice belonged to Sun Yao or not. He struggled to quell his shudders, and said, “I don’t care who you are. You better let me go and turn yourself in before you commit a criminal offense.”

A warm and coarse palm touched Han Bohan’s forehead, wiping away a layer of sweat. This gesture, however, caused Han Bohan’s body to tense up, and soon after, that person suddenly leaned into his neck and inhaled deeply. Then, voice tinged with certainty, he said, “Omega.” 

In a flash, the two distinct pheromones mingled in the air. Accompanied by the sultry heat and the humid summer air, it was a cloying entanglement. 

Han Bohan was struggling to keep his legs closed. He didn’t dare to breathe through his mouth anymore, teeth firmly clenching down on his lower lip. Sweat continued to seep out of his pores. His breathing picked up, and his body temperature was climbing rapidly. He could feel his resistance crumbling around him. 

After the Alpha withdrew from Han Bohan’s neck, however, he reacted no further. All Han Bohan knew was that he hadn’t left his side. Perhaps he was staring at him, or perhaps he was emitting a steady stream of pheromones to stimulate him. 

Han Bohan was unable to avoid his body’s instinctive reaction. He could only bite his lips tightly, not wanting to let even the slightest sound escape.

At this time, a hand pressed against his bent knee, pushing his legs apart. He tried his best to resist, but his body had gone weak. Then, he heard the Alpha say, “You’re wet down there.”

These words were like a series of harsh slaps to Han Bohan’s face, both painful and resoundingly loud. Though he was an Omega, his parents were influential members of society. He grew up in a well-off, respectable family, and he’d never had a partner since presenting at the age of eighteen. With long-term blockers and suppressant injections, he wouldn’t go into heat for no reason, and he’d never lost control from the stimulation of Alpha pheromones before. This was the first time in his life that he’d done so.

While his body couldn’t stop succumbing to his hormones, his mind kept stubbornly resisting. Han Bohan was on the verge of biting his lips bloody, resentment rising within him as a result of the Alpha’s brusqueness.

However, due to those words, he also managed to identify the Alpha. He spat out a cold, harsh name through his teeth: “Sun Yao.”

The alpha didn’t deny it, seeming to silently acquiesce to the name. After a pause, he stated matter-of-factly, “You’re in heat, prosecutor.” 

It was unavoidable that one would go into heat once the long-term suppressant’s effectiveness wore off. Hormones would surge forth after a long period of artificial suppression of bodily functions, and even hospitals would require Omegas to let their bodies go through this heat before receiving the next suppressant injection.

Had it not been for Sun Yao’s pheromones stimulating him, Han Bohan’s heat wouldn’t have arrived so quickly. He would’ve had another week to prepare himself in advance, or use the weekend to go to the hospital and induce his heat, then inject long-term suppressants for his next cycle. 

He never imagined he’d end up in his current state. 

Sun Yao’s voice rang out once more, “I didn’t know you were an Omega.”

Omegas were already low in number, and among judicial authorities, who confronted criminals for long periods of time, the number of Omegas were even fewer. Many people assumed that Han Bohan was a Beta because he had a tall figure and a handsome appearance, unlike most Omegas, who gave off a delicate impression. 

Not wanting to let out any strange noises, Han Bohan refused to loosen his lips. 

The only voice he heard was Sun Yao’s. “But I can’t let you go right now.”

Han Bohan wanted to ask him what it was he wanted, but his brain was no longer able to make heads or tails of the situation. He dreaded that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from begging Sun Yao to fuck him. Until then, his only concern was to maintain his dignity. He said, “Can’t you—buy me a suppressant?”

Sun Yao sounded as collected as ever. “There aren’t any pharmacies nearby, and it’s too late.”

Han Bohan could no longer close his mouth after opening it to speak, and he began to whimper incessantly, his body writhing with urgency. He had no idea what he was lying on, but whatever was beneath his body felt soft. His jumbled thoughts made it impossible for him to distinguish between right and wrong, and his mind was consumed by the strong desire in his body.

This was the scene that Sun Yao saw before his eyes.

He’d seen Han Bohan twice before. Both instances were at the detention centre, where they were separated by solid metal grilles. Han Bohan sat up straight and proper, a steady calmness in his eyes. Only when he heard Sun Yao mention his daughter did a trace of emotion flit passed them—perhaps pity, perhaps sympathy. 

At the time, they had each been injected with suppressants to control pheromone secretion. He assumed that Han Bohan was a Beta, whereas Han Bohan had Sun Yao’s information on hand and knew that he was an Alpha. 

In fact, regardless of their genders, there was no denying that the relationship between them was unmistakably that of a prosecutor and a suspect. 

Sun Yao was well aware that evading prison would be difficult this time. He had tried everything within his means to escape the detention centre just to go back and flee with his daughter. He didn’t dare imagine how miserable it would be for his daughter to spend the rest of her life on a hospital bed while he was imprisoned, because the mere thought of it was enough to almost drive him insane.

However, once he’d escaped, he realised that he had no way to take his daughter away. The hospital was teeming with undercover police who would apprehend him the moment he so much as approached his daughter. He knew he couldn’t act rashly, but he couldn’t figure out his next move either. It was at this point that he noticed Han Bohan. 

Before he even clearly planned out how he could make use of this prosecutor, Sun Yao made a move on Han Bohan. 

Han Bohan’s long-term suppressant lost its effectiveness around the same time Sun Yao’s short-term suppressant did. He’d intended to use his pheromones to force this Beta to submit, yet he hadn’t anticipated that Han Bohan wasn’t a Beta at all, but an Omega, and that his pheromones would directly bring about Han Bohan’s heat.

Now, up close, Sun Yao carefully studied the expanse of Han Bohan’s face that the blindfold had left exposed. Whether it was his nose, lips, or jaw, everything about him was elegant and delicate—indeed the beautiful features only an Omega would possess.

Han Bohan’s hands and feet were bound. He had no choice but to grind against the bed miserably. The collar of his shirt was completely sweat-soaked, and sweat poured out of his pores along with pure, sweet pheromones that carried the smell of summertime snow pear smoothies; the fruity fragrance was dashed with a hint of coldness. 

An Alpha and Omega’s pheromones always mutually affected one another. Once Han Bohan went into heat, how could he, as an Alpha, resist it completely without wavering?

Sun Yao caressed Han Bohan’s cheek, then his earlobe, before trailing his hand down his face and pressing the pad of his finger on Han Bohan’s nape. Because it contained his scent glands, the area was particularly tender and sensitive. Sun Yao watched as Han Bohan’s entire body trembled violently, his crotch drenched through with overflowing slick.

Han Bohan muttered something, voice soft.

Sun Yao then lowered his head, bringing his ear to Han Bohan’s lips, and asked, “What was that?”

Already completely deprived of all reason and dignity, Han Bohan fumbled for Sun Yao’s arm with his bound hands, capturing it in a vice-like grip and pressing it to his lower body. He said, “Please, help me.”

☆ ☆ ☆

t/n – jingangquan mentioned that she was inspired to write this ABO extra after she read kabiqiu’s ABO novel sunset boulevard in one sitting

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11 thoughts on “Extra 3.1 – The Star Around The Sun”

  1. I already shipped Sun Yao and HBY not because YYM and XXC acted their characters but because SY and HBY exudes a mature, dangerous, abstinent feel which makes them both so sexy!!
    P.S.: I remembered that XXC mentioned before that LJY and SYY, although the same age, don’t talk to each other on the set because they were different. This is the cause – SYY is a fujoshi and even ships the characters YYM and XXC portrays lol hail to SYY!

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    1. Ironic though because LJY not only wants to tear YYM and XXC apart, but even her character Shu Mian (?) portrays also ‘broke’ SY and HBY apart hahahahaha

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  2. Hahaha, this feels like reading fanfic, but it’s written by the author! This really jumped straight to the smut, didn’t it? 👀 Sun Yao’s definitely giving off that dangerous and sexy (and a bit psychotic) vibe. I’ll just check my morals in at the door to play it safe lol. Ahhhhhh, the author reads Kabiqiu-sama’s works!!!

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  3. sorry translator but i m in deep trance of original stars around the sun the most super cutest story ever. love ming ge and xia xingcheng romance.
    i m super adicted to NSFW and Smut but this is the first novel with no horny graphic details i read completely and fall in love over n over again with its every word. Sorry don’t mind but i don’t like this omega beta version bcz in my mind i m still drooling over my cute pure ML and MC.
    i m going to read once again from the start.
    I was kind of hopping if writer could write more of ming ge perspective and how xia xingcheng got film emperor award, did they ever disclose their true relationship and so so much more.
    Thanks for your hard work. ❤️❤️❤️

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